Looking to replace your Dingo digger?
You've found the answer...Viking Mini Loaders

Viking mini loaders (or to give them their correct name – mini skid steer loaders) are a great all Australian made option for replacing Dingo K93s, Dingo K94s and Dingo 950s.

Viking Mini Loaders are:

  • Faster
  • Narrower
  • More Powerful
  • #1 For Value & Performance
  • 100% Australian Made
  • Modern Design

These Viking mini earthmovers are equivalent in most areas of performance to a Dingo K9-4 (now Dingo Contractor) with the investment required to own one at approximately the Dingo K93 (now Dingo All-Rounder) mini loader price.

How do we do it?

Well, it's simple really. In 2013, after 5 years of building mini earthmoving machines we decided to review our whole mini digger design and our whole way of building these machines. The results were stunningly better than we expected.

We knew from the great feedback we'd received from our customers over the years that our Viking Tradesman mini loader was an exceptionally good machine but…Our reviewed design massively reduced unnecessary costs in the design as well as in the production of our all Australian mini skid steer loader – in some areas by as much as 75% and in many areas by 25%.

These results mean just one thing... If you're ready to replace your mini digger earthmoving machine, we're ready to go full tilt getting you in to our thoroughly modern design, 100% Australian Made and best in class mini digger.

Forget Dingo, Kanga, Toro and Vermeer and certainly forget the Asian invasion machines.


Product Feature

Viking Workmate (petrol) &
Viking Tradesman (diesel) mini loaders

Dingo mini digger K93 (Dingo All Rounder),
Dingo 950P mini digger, Dingo 950D,
Dingo mini digger 950 Classic, Dingo mini digger K94 (Dingo Contractor)

Wheel Motors

You’re Viking Workmate (petrol) and Viking Tradesman (diesel) mini skid steer loaders features full power, hydraulic drive to all four (4) wheels.

Viking Wheel motors are exactly the same as Dingo and Kanga wheel motors - high quality, USA made motors fully supported by a massive USA hydraulics specialist.

Where the Vikings differ critically from Dingos is the external access to all 4 wheel motors - meaning you won’t waste 4-6 hours getting in to and closing up hydraulic tanks for wheel motor service or removal.

The Dingo mini digger 950 Series used to come with the agricultural chain drive system and two wheel motors as did the Dingo mini digger K93 model (now Dingo All-Rounder).

The Dingo 950, Dingo K9-3 and Dingo All-Rounder mini loaders now finally have 4 motors. Unfortunately they can only be serviced via entry through the hydraulic tank – at least 4-6 work in and out plus the tank gasket costs.

Over Tyre Tracks

Our “over the tyre FastTrax” are a great option if you really need to spread the machine load in soft ground.

Dingo mini digger K93, Dingo mini digger K94, Dingo mini digger All-Rounder and Kanga mini loaders all use the same or very similar system.

Hydraulic Flow & Pressure

Hydraulic “fast” Facts:

  • In general the Flow Rate of Hydraulic oil in a system creates speed of operation.
  • Flow rate is good for fast unloaded wheel speed, unloaded ram operations.
  • Higher flow rate would make your attachments operate faster unloaded BUT they will NOT be powerful! So, in general, you won’t get more work done with a faster flow rate. In fact the opposite is true for loaded applications like trenchers, augers, digging, loading bucket, and all other operations that require “grunt” or power.
  • Power in hydraulics, (and the real world completed work that matters), comes from system pressure. End of story! (Viking system pressure is 3200-3424psi.)
  • Hydraulic oil transmits the power and the amount of power transmitted depends on the seals in the systems and the viscosity of the oil being used. So if seals are all in good order…
  • The hotter the oil, the less power will be transmitted. And so without a dedicated oil cooler you will have less power. (all current Vikings have oil coolers standard)
  • In a properly designed (small) hydraulic system multiple pumps should not be used as they invariably add maintenance costs – you’re servicing/buying multiple pumps instead of a single pump.

Viking Workmate delivers 3200psi (220.6bar) pressure and a flow rate of 40.7L/min with a single pump and beautiful, modern designed hydraulic system and hydraulic oil cooler.

Viking Tradesman delivers 3424psi (236.1bar) pressure and a flow rate of 43.2 L/min with a single pump and beautiful, modern designed hydraulic system and hydraulic oil cooler.


All Dingo mini diggers - Dingo 950s, Dingo K93s, Dingo All-Rounders, Dingo K94 and Dingo Contractor have 3000psi (206bar) hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Pumps & Valves

Viking mini skid steer loaders have single  hydraulic gear pumps:

  • Workmate mini loader  - 11.3cc/rev
  • Tradesman mini loader - 12.0cc/rev.

Viking mini loader hydraulic pump – about $300 v 3 times that with Dingo!

Viking’s hydraulic valve and associated piping system is “state of the art” in modern hydraulics design for mini machines. No agriculturally cobbled together individual valves and controls here!

As a result your new Viking micro mini digger has excellent fine and incremental control giving you more comfortable and accurate operation day in day out for years to come.

Your Viking mini loader controls can be set up to match both Dingo mini loaders and Kanga mini loader controls. Just let us know which you prefer.

All Dingo mini diggers 950, K93, All-Rounder, K94 and the Contractor mini skid steer loaders use multiple pump systems with 2 or even 3 pumps bolted together.

The Dingo mini loaders have the following pumps:.

  • Dingo 950, Dingo Classic mini diggers – 9cc, 3cc
  • Dingo K93, All-Rounder mini loader – 9cc, 3cc
  • Dingo K94, Dingo Contractor mini skid steer – 6cc, 8cc, 8cc

The multiple pump system makes pumps expensive to replace when they breakdown:

  • Cost to replace Dingo 950, K93, All-Rounder, K94 tandem pumps - RRP$1072.50-$1100 (as at 6/8/2014)
  • Cost to replace Dingo K94 Contractor triple pumps – (estimated) RRP$1200-1500 (as at 6/8/2014)

Dingo’s All-Rounder mini digger has Dingo’s “flow enhancer” which is simply a standard everyday hydraulic flow control valve you can purchase from just about any hydraulics store. It increases the oil flow to an attachment to the detriment of flow to wheels – and you can’t have both extra flow to wheels and to the attachment at the same time – which could be a nuisance.


Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Viking mini diggers are made to work hard and get you results. Why stop or slow down when the weather starts to get warm? All Viking mini loaders come with a 5kW oil cooler as standard equipment to ensure you get the power you need to get your jobs done quickly.

Except for the Dingo mini digger Contractor model, oil coolers are never factory fitted. 

“When it comes to hydraulics, there seems to be 3 ways to keep the oil efficient. (point) 3. Increase cooling surface area.   Normally this is a radiator type devise (sic) with a fan.  And Dingos do not have the luxury of room inside for such a devise (sic)”) – Gary Briggs, Managing Director, Dingo; Dingo website.

It is a recently added optional extra for Dingo’s top of the range mini earth mover model the Dingo mini digger Contractor (old Dingo mini digger K94).

Pins & Bushes

Pins and bushes are used in all pivot points in arms and mount plates of Viking mini diggers.

All pivot pins are 1.25” in diameter to increase the pin wear area, decrease friction, increase the pin impact surface and thereby extend the life of pins.

Over the years Viking Mini Loaders has spent considerable time and effort researching, applying and improving pin and bush designs and materials for its all Australian made Viking stand on loader.

The current result is an outstanding pin design providing the best possible wear characteristics based on specialist low friction chrome material with non-welded, zinc plated, spring steel locking tabs whose longevity arises from its larger earthmoving machinery pedigree. (Similar to Bobcat design)

Viking’s pivot point bushes are made from the best self-lubricating materials on the planet, suitable for use in mini skid steer loader applications – Duralon.

Duralon bushes are used in Viking mini diggers because it:

  • can achieve Viking’s precision fit tolerances
  • is self-lubricating, preventing the build-up of dirt &  dust that greased pins bring
  • has low wear rate for longer bearing life
  • has high load and shock resistance
  • has reduced galling and scoring
  • is corrosion resistant in wet environments
  • has low sliding friction

Dingo mini loaders use both 1’ and 1.25” pins in their mini digger machines.

Dingo mini diggers have used bearings, steel bushes and grease in their mini earth moving machines but are now back to using Duralon bushes in their pivot points.

Rupture Resistant Plastic Fuel Tank

Viking’s specially moulded 25L plastic fuel tanks are light, bump / scratch resistant, robust as well as being spark and rust resistant.

Dingo mini loaders also have a 25l capacity fuel tank of which about 19 litres is usable

Hydraulic Tank

Modern design and production techniques mean that Viking mini loader’s hydraulic tanks are no longer integral to the chassis and can now be removed (independently of wheel motors) and placed on a bench for cleaning if necessary.

Tanks are thoroughly cleaned prior to installation with powerful magnets and other cleaning mediums.

There is NOTHING inside tanks that require servicing!


Dingo mini digger stand on loaders all have hydraulic tanks integral to their chassis. Dingo mini digger and mini loader hydraulic tanks cannot be removed from the chassis so all work must be carried out through the bolted down and gasketed access plates.

Wheel motors for most Dingo mini digger and mini loaders must be accessed via the hydraulic tank through the bolted down and gasketed access plate.

Lift Rams

All Viking stand on loaders have two lift rams to ensure stable and symmetrical lifting. Rams are rated at 3400psi and all have 38mm ram rods rated to lift 6500kg.

Dingo mini diggers and mini loaders have two lift rams.

Handle Bars and Controls

The Viking micro loader handle bar is designed from scratch to achieve comfort, excellent fine touch control and superior grip.

Grips and controls locations and proximity are a direct result of consultation with customers and advice from a champion super bike rider about ideal control layout in safety critical environments.

Dingo mini digger and Dingo earth movers have a similar set-up to Viking mini loaders. Whether you are transferring from a Dingo mini digger 950, Dingo mini digger Classic, Dingo mini digger K9-3, Dingo mini digger All-Rounder, Dingo mini digger K9-4 or a Dingo mini digger Contractor, we can match the controls to suit you.

Narrow Mini Digger

Even though it’s a powerful earthmoving machine, at 740mm to 950mm wide, the Viking is the narrowest mini skid steer loader in its class.

Thanks to great design from the ground up, you can drive your Viking mini loader through most external gates in its normal operating width, 950mm, and even through domestic house doors in its narrow set-up width, 740mm.

No jiggling or squeezing through gates here with your Viking stand on loader!

The Dingo mini digger & Dingo mini loaders have the following advertised widths.

  • Dingo  mini digger 950, Dingo  mini digger Classic – 1050mm
  • Dingo  mini digger K9-3, Dingo  mini digger All-Rounder mini loaders – 1050mm
  • Dingo  mini digger K9-4,  Dingo  mini digger Contractor mini skid steer – 980mm

Lifting Capacity

The Viking Workmate mini excavator and loader has a safe lifting capacity of 365kg in it standard form.

The Viking Tradesman mini excavator and loader has a safe lifting capacity of 400kg in it standard form.



The Viking Tradesman mini skid steer loader has the following warranty:

  • Viking Tradesman mini loader – 2 years, 1000hrs;
  • Kubota diesel engine – 2 years , 2000hours
  • Viking Workmate mini loader – 2 years, 1000 hours
  • Kohler petrol engine – 3 years unlimited hours


Dingo mini diggers 950P, 950D or Classic mini loaders warranty:

  • Mini digger machine  – 2 years, 1000hrs
  • 950 petrol engine – 3 years, unlimited hours
  • 950 diesel engine – 2 years, 2000hrs


For more information call us on 0436 382 897 or enquire online now.